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Home Performance Solutions Smart Home Upgrades!

High Energy bills and Comfort issues can be directly attributed to a lack of Insulation and a leaky uncomfortable home. Since we are Building Science Gurus, we can directly fix Air leakage Issues using Blower Door directed Air sealing (Weatherization) with non-toxic low VOC caulking, sealing light can trim kits, baseboards, Cabinets, outlets etc....contributing to overall leaky home. In addition, most homes built 15-50 years ago are all lacking the proper insulation needed to have low utility bills and comfort issues (hot/cold rooms)

Cellulose Attic Insulation
  • Cellulose insulation is the most budget friendly energy efficient attic insulation on the market! Giving a higher R-value per inch than fiberglass and much more air tight. We test homes before and after installing Cellulose and the insulation alone in the attic will provide 30-40% more air tightness than fiberglass. Cellulose has the largest amount of post-consumer recycled content - up to 85% recycled newspaper. Cellulose is also one of the safest insulation without all the itching and non-recyclable waste. (Lowers utility bills by 50-70% when insulation is very low to non-existent)
Radiant Heat Barriers
  • Hot Summer days in the Denver Metro area can over-heat attics up to 140 degrees which will transfer to drywall ceilings, infiltrating into 2nd floor hot bedrooms which can be very uncomfortable throughout the night. Air Conditioners can barely keep up with the heat load leaving you sweating throughout the night. A Radiant Barrier install with proper ventilation to get the heat out will lower your 2nd floor or Ranch home ceiling by almost 20 degrees. Now that's Comfortable! (Can lower cooling bills by 30-40%)
Foam Attic Knee Walls and Protrutions
  • Attic knee walls on 1/2 second floors built into attic space are almost always designed with very minimal wall insulation and are very leaky, leaving your Attic room space extremely uncomfortable during Hot and Cold days. Foam board installation with sealing tape will provide a full R-10 in addition to the existing insulation, also insulating the hot/cold wall studs in between to R-10. This will seal the wall system Air-Tight to prevent additional heat/cold transfer. Feel Comfortable in your upper floor space! (typically lowers utility Bills dramatically as well)
Air Sealing Package
  • As Building Scientist, we can hunt for all things related to a very leaky home with a Blower Door test that pulls air from the most inconspicuous areas throughout your interior building envelope. There is huge opportunity in air sealing a home to increase comfort and reduce your Gas and Electric utility bills. We've seen huge Open holes and gaps to Attics, Crawlspaces and exterior wall spaces hidden by Cabinets, Knee walls, Fireplaces, Cantilevers....and the list goes on. We've also seen Air Leakage cut by 20% just by sealing 15-20 recessed light cans in the ceiling. So get your home sealed Air Tight!!